Vibrational Medicine, by Joy Sakonyi, ND

The Journal of Lifestyle Medicine: Vibrational Medicine

Vibrational Medicine, by Joy Sakonyi, ND

Impacting Cellular Health for Whole Body Healing
and Transpersonal Growth

I have been blessed by patients to observe radical healing. To witness the power and wisdom of  the human body. In Bioenergetic Medicine, we listen to the body and are guided by the innate wisdom of the body. Through this medicine, which encompasses all aspects of the body down to the minutest cellular components, we identify that which is causing the cells of the body to vibrate at lower frequencies. Altered frequencies lead to dis-ease. For most individuals, there are layers of causal factors — from heavy metals and chemicals, to allergens and microbes, to traumas and psycho-emotional factors, and so on. By following the body’s inherent healing process, we address neuroendocrine imbalances, repair digestive dysfunction, open detoxification pathways, unlock toxins from deep within the cells, and repair damaged cells. The tools in our toolkit? In addition to herbal and nutrient remedies, what is key to cellular health is the use of homeopathy, an individual-specific healing diet, movement if possible, and a variety of energy and psycho-emotional-spiritual therapies. The end result of this journey is, in a word, freedom!

Joy Sakonyi, ND, is a graduate of Bastyr University’s School of Naturopathic Medicine in Seattle, WA, and an avid practitioner of Bioenergetic Medicine. She is owner of Wellspring Whole Health on the North Side, which also offers comprehensive nutritional services, energy therapies, holistic psychotherapy and, soon, bodywork. She is grateful to say that through her own journey with BioEnergetic Medicine she has found freedom! For more information, visit, call 412-321-3231, or email

Reprinted from The Journal of Lifestyle Medicine, Autumn 2014

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